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April 1st was the early release date I had in mind for “When Comets Die”, my second album. Due to various reasons I have decided to move that date back and give these songs more love. I really love these old songs and want to have them the way I want them. These are some of the first songs I wrote back in the days of my old garage band SLnine. They are mostly fast paced rockers with a few slower more meditative tunes thrown in. The influence the 80’s had on my music will be fairly evident here as wellin places as well as the heavier rock I enjoyed in my younger days. I’m excited to get these songs done. So with all that said I’m putting the release date as April 20th. I may also set up a pre order for those who are interested in snagging a copy on the date it debuts. I’m super stoked to have these songs put out into the world and start the next one. More to come soon!