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This project was a lot of fun. I wrote two new tracks and revived two older songs from my collection. It was an eye opening experience for sure. Recording all the instruments myself felt very natural and the process was fairly easy. Mixing and mastering were a bit of a challenge but again, it opened my mind to more possibilities. I threw away some old knowledge and dug for new techniques. Good times.

The songs are simple and fun. As I said earlier two of them are songs from long ago.

“September” being one of the first songs I wrote back in late 2000. It was a fairly popular song with the locals who followed our garage band (SL9) back in the day. Lyra wanted this song and said it was her favorite. So I decided to resurrect it one last time. Big choruses and moving guitars. Man, this one brings back some crazy memories.

“No Surprise” was a song I wrote back in 2008 or 09. I can’t recall exactly when but I do remember loving that song. It just has a big sound and is very catchy. It’s one of my favorite love songs from the past, so what better project for it? The intro is my favorite part of this whole EP. The gliding synth effect I added makes the whole thing shimmer. I think it is my favorite off this set. Yep.

“Whatever” started out as a groovy guitar riff I stumbled upon one day. I noticed it was pretty bluesy and had an upbeat sound. I knew right away it would be a great song for the project. I basically let the song write itself. I tried not to change too much from the initial way I wrote it. Songs sometimes have an organic nature to them and this one for sure did.

“Feels Like Home” is a hidden gem. I can’t recall where this one came from but I do remember thinking it was nice when I was writing it. It is fairly technical on guitar which is one thing I love about it. It’s constantly moving and changing. You feel like its familiar but it sounds different. Recording this one was a challenge. I wanted the bass parts to sound interesting but at the same time I needed them to be subtle. The vocals came out pretty smooth as well. Its weird hearing your voice and even weirder hearing four of you sing at the same time. But I love the harmonies here and I think others will too.

I hope you enjoy this one. And give the companion novel a read as well! Lyra is an extremely talented writer and her work is fantastic. There will be three more albums from Zinj this year. The next one drops April Fools Day. Stay tuned!

Download songs here